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Juxtapose like tears and fears
make promises that you tend to break.
Scream from the top of your lungs,
shoot yourself in the head.
I don't need to hide..
I just want to love myself..
Daddy raped me when I was 12,
These bruises on my arm are so swell.
No thoughts were involved in this
I never thought it would be like this.

Never say a word again,
I will promise to love you.
Never run away from here,
I will try to comfort you.
I am your dad, I want to
come inside, I want to cum in you.
This is our little secret,
No one will come this way,
let silence run through your open
wounds. Let me dive, right in, I
will crawl inside of you.
Mommy will never know,
She can't hear you scream

Metaphors begin to break,
forming into similes
Vanish this into air,
My writing isn't clear.

Mommy says it's okay with her,
If i touch you,
If i tell you i love you,
If i scream your name,
If i have an orgasm.

Daddy loves when I'm naked,
                Daddy loves when I am wet.

I might not struggle,
                It might feel too good.

America is so fucked up,
                Daddy is so fucked up.

His sperm created me,
                Now its going into me.

didn't happen to me, but it might of happened to you. you can't rape the willing.
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opanoma Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
thecryingsoul Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2007   Writer
You can tell it hasn't happened to you. . . someone who went through wouldn't be able to tell such details and say such phrases. . . I should know. . . It is quite beautiful and powerful though
Twilightmia Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2007
I made a story about a girl this happend to her yeah, sad story, sad poem but nicely done.

The dragon is in us all
Black-Jaguar Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2005   Writer
Full of powerful emotions!! Great work!!:clap:
runa-lilyanna-snape Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2005
very nice flow to it
drippingblood Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2005
thank you very much
george917 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
graphic, powerful, and like antigrrl said, so blunt...

as depressing as it is, its great
thecryingsoul Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2003   Writer
Holy crap I should have read this a long time ago. The same thing happened to me. For 6years. From the age of 5-11. I know what it is like. It hurts. I can tell it really damaged your soul in some way. I hated my dad for a long time before I started to over come it. I am 17 now and I still can't even look at his picture. I still love him. I don't know why but I do. It was amazingly brave of you to share this with total strangers! :d I applaud you for that *clap, clap*

drippingblood Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2003
thing is i never went through it, a lot of people seem to think i did but i didnt. but im glad you enjoyed this in a way.. and im also glad ur starting to come over it.. <3
devart-critic Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2003   Writer
Strong. Powerful. Expressive. Fantastic.

I can't imagine how you fwlt getting into the mindset to write this. Incredibley ballsy also, well done. I applaud you.
lockedinside Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2003
*tries to stop crying*
this is...way to close to home....great way of writing it
jellyshelly Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2003
that is so sad....
lonelyfairie Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003
Really strong... gave me chills.... +fav
ofelia Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2003
i don't understand the words: "America is so fucked up, Daddy is so fucked up."
parisinflames Featured By Owner May 29, 2003
Clap i applaud you for coming right out and saying it and not beating around the bush. i had a friend online who was raped by two guys who she thought were her friends and it tore me up inside to think about what she had to go through with that. there's probably atleast one of my real life friends who's had this happen to them, but they probably feel ashamed of it. it's a sad thing, but it happens everyday. more people need to realize "this happens and it needs to be brought to others' attention that it should be reported." you always hear about shootings and such and guys raping strangers, but hardly ever about this. i'm glad someone's doing their part in helping spread awareness of the subject, even if it does sicken people.
angel-of-fisting Featured By Owner May 26, 2003   Writer
i've read it already, and i dont feel like read it another time, but im going to put it on fav cause i want to remember it.
eb-razer Featured By Owner May 23, 2003
Morbid. I don't want to read it again. But that's somehow a good thing. Well done.
mochashello Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2003   Writer
:( (Sad)
unrealreality18 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2003
so sad :'-( ... especially that she still calls him 'daddy'.... dno.. it just makes things worse for the situation...
angelicrose Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2003
Made me cry. Something depecting what i went through (sort of). *Vanishes away, crying still*
missingmylife Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2003
ITs a hard thing to swallow, especially when the like is happening to you. Mine wasnt my father....
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2003   Photographer
jesus h. christ...Crying

well that sure evokes feelings. very expressive. i'm not a poetry critic but i'd say good work.

fangedfem Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2003
Incredibly poignant, raw emotional journey! In your face powerful writing- marvelous!
repus Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2003
uh-oh, i'm sure there were some that got upset with this one. i hope this never happened to you & offer condolence to those it has... Hug very nice job on an extremely touchy subject... Clap
ifyoureduceme Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2003
i do like the wording, the way you made it so plain and straightforward, and didn't fancy it up with unnecessary extra. i can see why it would disturb/appall some people who read it, it's definitely a sensitive subject, but i'm not affected in that same way. just thoughtful, that's all. thoughtful, yeah.
i think it could have flowed a bit better, maybe? or maybe i just read things in a different way than others do. ..probably. but yeah, i'm glad i took the time to read this. good job.
dahlig Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Well I kinda like it but...

I think the poem would be much better if you wouldn't say some things directly. IMO the best is when the writer does describe things more subtle, so the reader can see the point clearly without reading all thecum orgasms and sperm parts.

But generally cool idea :) (Smile)
gabrieli Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2002
amazing piece of work...really captures the situation...pushes it into your face and makes you examine it. very powerful.
ragdoll Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2002
that is so convey the feelings of the girl brilliantly and your use of 'simple', 'straightforward' language is imho what makes it so effective... +fav
eclipz04 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
It didnt happen to you?... hard to tell with the poetry.

I just had a problem with the photo combined with the poem. Because.. well.. that photo doesnt deliver that message.

i saw the picture and hoped it would be something uplifting is all.

It is, indeed, a good poem though.
rudepunkgurly Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2002   Photographer
you don't hold back anything and that makes you talented. You tell the truth and that makes you brilliant. You words rap around together making this poem beautiful. Excellent job. Touchy subject but you managed to make it into something worth reading.

siedhr Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
this poem could do with a bit of subtlety. i'm not bothered with the directness, i just believe the message would have been better conveyed with a bit of show not tell and a stronger emotion and imagery instead of strong words that shock.
i would have been much more impressed if you tried to "get to" my subconscious.
swissarmyromance Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2002   Writer
That was creapy as hell. but it was amazingly brilliant!! Kick ass!! I love your style.
antisaint Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002
This is outstanding, in my opinion. It's very real, and it's like it just grabs you by the hand and holds onto you and you're there, in the moment, and you see it all. Brilliant.
lost4everwthoutu Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2002
very powerful
conflicted7769 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2002   Writer
Dizzy Crying OMG

this came up on a browsing fav page... I saw the pic. and thought "AWH" typical girl sound...

and then I saw the title.... and thought "oh no..."

I think in a way it would have made it easier to digest if you put why you wrote in for awarness... or...something to let us know... I don't want to jump off the bat and think you wrote for your own sick interest or anything... like some above...

*shallows hard...

it's well written to the point that it brings tears to my eyes... not just b/c I was abused as a child... not to that extream.. but b/c it is a horrible thought that is reality for far to many.

I will put this on my page for awarness...b.c I agree w/ what nattle above said...

words are so powerful, and some reality... just shouldn't be
venombutterfly Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2002
Thats fucking horrible. Seek HELP.
thugnetwork Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002   Photographer
thugnetwork Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002   Photographer
Jesus, that is so fucked up man. I wish I didn't know so many people that have been raped... Otherwise I would have a reason to bitch you out about talking on this topic, lol.

But great work... It describes the feelings of someone that age, someone who's also very insecure and afraid, to talk about their rape, especially if it was within the family. The last stanza was trully the best..
chosenone- Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
America is so fucked up,
Daddy is so fucked up.

That seems very forced into the context... like you want to make sure the audience udnerstands your point :) (Smile)
jero1 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
Its a demon.

And it must spitted out away.

I really liked your poem.
voidlove Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2002
This shocks and gets to the point almost by waving a knife at you in parts. Great piece!

'I just want to love myself..' I think is the best line as the many meanings coming from it still mean the same thing!
antigrrl Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2002
your words are powerful and blunt. and this is truly appalling.
MattSpire Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
I'll return to this, I think..
wildmonky Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2002  Student Writer
"America is so fucked up,
Daddy is so fucked up."

That doesn't seem to fit the rest of this. Kinda redundant I think.
Still this is a very good and powerful piece. Though I don't much care for the spelling of "cum" in poetry and prose. Just a pet peeve I have. :D (Big Grin)
fatelessmirror Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2002

Pun-wise, unrequitedly tasteful. ;) (Wink)

lordmarcus Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2002   Writer
thats so sad :( (Sad)
nemish Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2002
Form seems ok and the flow is great. But the poem's content itself, I don't care for.
sweetness123 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2002
God I love you! This is just so powerful! GOD!

Heart ashlee
nattle Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a horrible thing to happen, but I like the fact that you would write about it. People cringe away from writing about such things. But you put it out there, you yelled at people "Hey, this happens...far too often." Nicely written.
electrolytic Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2002
it's like it did happen to you, you project the persona very well.

very well written. it gave me goosebumps too.
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